Prutina Albumen 100 2KG


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  • PRUTIINA ALBUMEN Egg White Protein is no Saturated Fat and Cholesterol
  • PRUTIINA ALBUMEN Repairs and Builds Muscle
  • PRUTIINA ALBUMEN High in Minerals and Vitamins
  • PRUTIINA ALBUMEN Egg White Protein May Improve Body Composition and Performance
  • PRUTIINA ALBUMEN Egg White Protein Is A Very Good Quality Protein Source
  • It’s A Dairy-Free Alternative To Whey
Flavour Cafe Mocha
Protein Type Egg Protein
Usage Timing Post-Workout
Quantity 2 KG
Additives Water or Milk


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PRUTIINA ALBUMEN is True GOLD standard Protein. 100% Pure Egg Whites with zero % fat. Highest protein efficiency Ratio (PER). Which means it builds more muscle mass and strength. Offers excellent amino acid profile. Specially BCAAs that stimulates the protein synthesis in muscle cell, relives fatigue, improve immunity and recovers the muscle fibre after an intense workout session. 1 scop (30g) provides protein equal to 7-8 eggs. Improved Protein Synthesis Taking a protein-rich supplement like egg white protein powder, then, makes sure that you have plenty of amino acids available to rebuild your muscles after your workouts. Muscle Sparing Using egg white protein powder to make sure that you have enough protein in your system protects your muscles and ensures that they can grow without risk of injury.  Improved Performance  Since your muscles are free to respond properly to exercise, they can gradually get bigger, faster and stronger. This means that, from one workout to the next, you’re going to see more improvement. When you do workout, you’ll also be better prepared for the challenges to come. Fat-free Many of the benefits listed so far have been things that you can expect from just about any protein powder. Egg white protein powder is fairly unique, though, in that it’s pretty much free of any fat. Dairy-free Often, people shy away from whey and casein because they can’t handle dairy products – whether they’re lactose intolerant or allergic to casein.Egg white protein powder, however, is free of both those potential problems Absolute Nutrition – Egg Albumen in mango flavour is an internationally sourced egg nutrition that makes this high-protein health supplement suitable for bodybuilding. Added with no sugar and dietary fiber, it is an excellent egg white supplement. The exclusive Egg Albumen is dope free. Each serving contains 23g egg white nutrition with digestive enzymes like Pepsin and Papain. The rich egg white protein powder is suggested to be consumed as per the requirement of an individual athlete/ bodybuilder. Directions to use: Serve 33gm (1 scoop) in 200 ml water or use as directed by dietician.


Usage Instructions

SHAKE : Add 1 scoops of PRUTINA Albumen 100 per 14 fl.oz of water or milk to shaker cup, secure the top and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

BLEND: Add 1 scoops of PRUTINA Albumen 100 per 14 fl.oz of water or milk to a Blender and mix, For a frosty shake, add a handful of ice cubes.

POST TRAINING : After a workout, PRUTINA Albumen 100 immediately starts repairing and building muscle.

BETWEEN MEALS: Drink 1/2-1 Serving of PRUTINA Albumen 100 Between meals to maintain a positive nitrogen balance to put on lean body mass.

BEFORE BED: Drink 1/2-1 Serving of PRUTINA Albumen 100 Before bed to feed your muscles throughout the night.



Egg White Powder
Cocoa (in select flavours)
Vitamins & Minerals
Class II Preservatives

Nutritional Information

Energy 116 Kcals(Per 33g)
Carbohydrates 5 g(Per 33g)
Sugar 0 g(Per 33g)
Protein 24 g(Per 33g)
Fat 0 g(Per 33g)
Fibre 0.5 g(Per 33g)
Alaline 4450 mg(Per 100g)
Lysine 7565 mg(Per 100g)
Arginine 2430 mg(Per 100g)
Metheonine 1958 mg(Per 100g)
L-Asparatic Acid 9968 mg(Per 100g)
Phenyia Alanine 2937 mg(Per 100g)
Cysteine 2403 mg(Per 100g)
Proline 5162 mg(Per 100g)
Glutamine Acid 15200 mg(Per 100g)
Serine 4005 mg(Per 100g)
Glycine 1691 mg(Per 100g)
Theorine 5874 mg(Per 100g)
Histidine 1513 mg(Per 100g)
Tryptochan 1869 mg(Per 100g)
Iso Leucine 5963 mg(Per 100g)
Yyrosine 2759 mg(Per 100g)
Leucine 9523 mg(Per 100g)
Valine 5607 mg(Per 100g)


Food Preference


Serving Size

33 grams

Number of Scoops per Container


Maximum Shelf Life

18 Months

Country of Origin


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